Marshall Trammell

burn the temples, break up the bells burn the temples, break up the bells (2019) is a sound-ceremony and sculptural installation addressing methodologies of self-determination and underrepresented histories of Native enslavement and constant resistance to US and other colonial violence. Speaking both generally and specifically, the work serves to address Black amnesia to current indigenous struggles […]

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Ellen Babcock

On view: February 2017 “Holdraketa” is the name of a Hungarian toy rocket made in the early 1960’s. The box for the toy had a graphic image that is altered and reproduced at billboard-size.The historic use of cartoon-like rocket imagery in road signs is a way to throw into relief current developments in space travel in […]

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Scott Williams

“…this Valley is filling with the blood of ghosts, and we are as close to drowning in blankets as we have ever been…”   Scott Daniel Williams is an artist based in Torreon, NM and Austin, TX. March 30th to June 19th, 2016

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Devon Knowles

MPB Umwelt was originally produced for an exhibition in British Columbia, Canada where it responded to an artwork that sat outside of the gallery, a welded steel pyramid, painted sky blue, by artist Bridge Beardslee. Although this 1970s pyramid dealt with strategies of the time, mysticism and minimalist art production, Knowles has updated the pyramidal form with […]

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